02 May 2014



They said ,
Not everyone has " starlight " ..
People who exude " starlight " of himself called the " charismatic " ..
They are the ones who are confident , confident, charming , and obviously love their work or simply love the activities they choose .
And " starlight " it radiates the brightest when they 're happy . Their happiness , comes when " passion" being active in their blood flowing . And they are idealistic passion in trouble . They will only do things that they are ' passionate about ' .
They can learn new things foreign , which is not a forte . But because of that big confident , they will be able to master it in the not too distant future .
They love life, not because of their beautiful life ' from nature ' , but because they are working hard to create life in order to become " the arena " which they love .
Many say, only certain people can have a " starlight " . Hearing this statement , I have two opinions :
1 . I believe I am someone who has a " starlight " .
2 . NPN, I believe that " only selected orang2 " which can radiate starlight .
Maybe you think, " yes also confident he has the Caca mention starlight . "
Well I think so - I think radiates starlight - not because I felt I was chosen . I got starlight , because some of the following :
• I grew up from a broken home , many traumatic experiences that I experienced as a child seeing the conflict Mom and Dad . But I tried it out to proceed and accept the situation until my family sincerely that my heart could .
• I ever bullied during elementary school , a lot of events where I publicly humiliated while in school . But I never cried in front of a drop others. I believe my strong boy since I was a kid .
• Besides got buanyak fans , I also have buanyakk haters . Every hear his comments were not bad , I am always conscious to choose thank the haters in my heart . With sincere . Because they are one of the reasons I had the mental steel and have thought a bit more intelligent than my previous ones. They are the reason why I continue to challenge myself to be more cool , steady , and well . Ga only in the skin , but also on the inside .
• I accidentally uploaded the video to Youtube , in 2009 . , When I was depressed , and upload some videos that can be viewed publicly . One of them is when I 'm crying and muttering " mama papa " in the middle of my singing videotape it . My reason is I want to tell the public , that this is the real CACA . I have a problem , my life has damage , I had a disability within me . I ga perfect , I am not only a successful artist like crazy since childhood and always hepi because my life perfect . I'm fed up with that image because I felt lied to the world . And I deserve to be fully alive myself : who has shortcomings , which had the wound , which I will process over backwards in order to 'heal ' . Maybe ga cepet . Maybe one or two years , but I will get up . And so the strong , the wise , who can inspire others as I rise from my own adversity .
I am proud to say I have STARLIGHT . Not because I was " chosen " to be a charismatic person from birth . But because I am TRYING to get it . To create a beam that comes out of me REAL and weighted . Due to injuries and destruction never existed there . But finally I managed to make sense of injury and ruin it with LOVE . Love myself and the colorful life .
Because I do not ujug - ujug love life or myself .
But as I learned desperately to understand HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF AND LIVE ? ? Like what was the reality ?
I have a " starlight " because God gave me a life supplies not easy . And Allah also gave me WISH , HOPE , AND THE ABILITY to fight and processing myself .
Until I can deems inappropriate ... to emit light . Called " starlight " .
If I said before I do not believe that " only selected orang2 " which can radiate starlight . That's because I believe that everyone is equal .
Everyone has problems in his life . God has given the stock . Problems , the fall , injury . But the choice is WE . Do we WANT to pray to God in order to make the problem " creator source STARLIGHT " on us ? Or we do not have to hope , pray and do not be PREFER that the issue became " resource creators themselves are dim light " ?
God loves the whole servant , He - also give us the human mind , in order that we choose . Goodness , or tyranny . Not only kindness / tyranny on others , but on the goodness or the tyranny and LIVING OUR SELF .
Hopefully this post can be useful and blessing .
" Interpret life with inspiration , give love in each contribution , to the world . "
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