03 May 2014

INDONESIA National Education Day

INDONESIA National Education Day , abbreviated Education Day , is a day set by the Indonesian government to commemorate the birth of Ki Hajar Dewantara , a pioneer figure in Indonesian education founders of educational institutions and Student Park , celebrated on the 2nd of May each year . [ 1 ]
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History [edit | edit source ]
National Education Day celebrated annually on May 2 , coinciding with the anniversary of Ki Hajar Dewantara , a national hero who is honored as the father of national education in Indonesia . Ki Hajar Dewantara born of wealthy Indonesian family during the Dutch colonial era , he was known for daring to oppose the Dutch East Indies government's education policy at that time , which only allows the children born in the Netherlands or the wealthy who can get an education bench . [ 2 ]
His criticism of the colonial government policies cause he was exiled to the Netherlands , and he later founded an educational institute named after the Student Park back to Indonesia . Ki Hajar Dewantara was appointed as minister of education after Indonesian independence . His philosophy , tut wuri handayani ( " gave impetus behind " ) , is used as a watchword in education in Indonesia . He died on 26 April 1959 . Honor of his services to education in Indonesia , the Indonesian government set a date of birth as National Education Day .
Celebration [edit | edit source ]
Although not a national holiday , National Education Day celebrated widely in Indonesia . Celebrations are usually marked with a flag ceremony implementation in schools and colleges , from central to district level , accompanied by the delivery of education -themed speech by the relevant officials .
References [edit | edit source ]
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Reading [edit | edit source ]
T. Supaman , Supreme , Leo ( 2012) . History of Education . London: Publisher waves .
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