26 April 2014

Olga Syahputra Panasonic Gobel Awards 2014 Winners

Olga Syahputra Panasonic Gobel Awards 2014 Winners

Name Birth Yoga Syahputra (Comedian)
Born February 8, 1983 ( age 31 )
Flag of Indonesia Jakarta , Indonesia
Actor jobs
Years active 2003 - present
religion of Islam
[ show ] Awards

Yoga Syahputra or better known as Olga Syahputra ( born in Jakarta , February 8, 1983 , age 31 years ) is an actor , comedian , and host Indonesia. Olga often act as a drag queen . But Olga denied that he was a homosexual . [ 1 ]
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1 Career
2 Personal life
3 Filmography
4 Soap Opera
5 comedy show
6 Variety Show , Talk Show , and Game Show
7 Achievement
8 Controversy
8.1 chirps
8.2 Calling genitals
Alluding 8.3 Five Minutes
8.4 rude joke and its feminine style
8.5 Minimizing rape victims
8.6 scoffing at Doctor Febby
9 References
10 External links

The eldest of seven children of Nur Rachman and Nurhida was originally just a fan who often ask for an autograph and photo with his idol . Luck came when he was offered to play in the film Lenong boy . Unfortunately the guy 's bloody Minang - Java required to participate in the first practice Ananda Studio . Because no money , Olga was forced to sell a refrigerator to pay for the course at Ananda Studio . Friends of Olga , Bertrand Antolin, who then reached out for help with buying a new refrigerator Olga . [ 2 ]

During active in Ananda Studio , Olga also often involved filming despite only minor roles . She also was an assistant to singer Rita Sugiarto . Olga persistence sweet fruit . Having had a role in the soap opera The Marriage Hanging and Yoyo , Olga became a presenter on SCTV Cravings paired with Jeremy Thomas . She also played in the comedy show Do not Kiss I followed Extravanganza ABG . Join the Extravanganza ABG in 2005 , the name Olga began to be known . His name really soar after joining in early 2007 and Indy Barends Ipank nosy at the event on Trans TV . [ 3 ]

Starting in 2008 , Olga became a TV presenter Powerful music event RCTI station with two multi - talented artist Luna Maya and Raffi Ahmad . In addition to being a presenter , he also starred in the big screen beberaya , among Scandal Love Pigs Ngepet and Want More. Want More movies previously blocked and can not be circulated . But after renamed Forever My love , this film was given permission to be circulated .

Not satisfied with just widened presenter and film star , Olga began to explore the world of singing . Currently , Olga has released its two singles , namely Destroyed My Heart and Do Not Disturb I Else both song creation Charly ST 12 with label Nagaswara .
She also won the award for Presenter Event Variety Show and Favorite Music Favorite Comedian in Panasonic and Panasonic Gobel Awards 2009 Awards 2010 which aired on RCTI , TPI and Global TV .
Today , Olga is no longer a presenter nosy, but show on Trans TV Online with Jeng Kellin ( nycta Gina ) .
She also became a player in the quiz Pesbukers with Jessica Iskandar , Raffi Ahmad and other players . From a standing start in 2011 to the present .
Personal life

Olga Syahputra rumored to have a girlfriend who is also a gay actor , presenter and model, Chand Kelvin . [ 4 ] Olga Syahputra itself does not provide any comment on the news that could make headlines in a magazine . [ 5 ]
Olga is also a friend of the actor and presenter Raffi Ahmad and brother of comedian and presenter Billy Syahputra .
More recently , Olga is also expanding its business by opening a boutique with her ​​sister , Reny Nurma named " Olga Syahputra House " is located on the 1st floor of Los C2 No. . 3A , ITC Kuningan , South Jakarta . He said that his business is also helping her sister who is on vacation college .


Tina Toon and Lenong Boy The Movie (2004 )
Trouble So Virgin ( 2008 )
Want More? ( 2008)
Basahhh ... ( 2008)
Forever my love ( 2008)
Mas Love , Aja - Large Small Insert I'ts Okay (2008 )
Ghost boyfriend Virgin ( 2011)
Kung Fu Pocong Virgin ( 2012)
Parks Lawang ( 2013)

Soap opera
Puberty humming
Married Hanging
the Yoyo
Doo Bee Doo
Little Tarzan
Mr . Olga
Pursuing Love Olga

Comedy show

Do not Kiss I
Extravaganza ABG
New Prime Time
It's time we Sahur ( as a guest )
Opera Van Java
Seger Bener
sinden Gossip
Puppet On Stage
Yuk we Sahur
Mix - Mix ( only appearing in segment 1 )
Let's Keep Smile

Variety Show, Talk Show and Game Show
Cravings ( SCTV )
Ceriwis ( Trans TV )
Finally Comes Also ( Trans TV )
Gong Show ( Trans TV )
Strikes ( RCTI )
Dangdut Never Dies ( MNCTV )
OMG ( quiz )
Online ( Trans TV )
World Cup Laughter ( MNCTV )
What It What It ( RCTI )
Tarung dangdut ( MNC TV )
Operating Target ( RCTI )
Chit Chat cuzz ( Trans TV )
Note the Olga ( quiz )
Shorting ( Trans TV )


Panasonic Awards 2009 : Presenter Musical Variety Show Favorite
Panasonic Awards 2009 : Comedian Favorite
Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2009 : Host Favorites
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010 : Presenter Musical Variety Show Favorite
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010 : Comedian Favorite
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2010 : Nominee Favorite Talk Show Presenter
Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2010 : Nominee HOST Favorites
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2011 : Presenter Musical Variety Show Favorite
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2012 : Talent Show Presenter Favorite
Panasonic Gobel Awards 2013 : Favorite Comedian
Romantic YKS Award 2014 : Artist Tergubrak
Romantic YKS Award 2014 : Artists Cradled


Olga is well known for causing hundreds of controversy , but 90 % of all the controversy it is usually caused by a very rough style of humor on television . Already many people are trying to have the jokes Olga slightly softened , but still controversy came to him . [ Citation needed ]

In one of the show Strikes , Luna Maya expressed grief over the news of the earthquake that occurred in Chile . Olga responded that his speech by exclaiming , " Ha ? Chile ? Sambel times " . Also , Olga Kaskus never insulted like this : " Kaskus ? WC times ! ! ! " [ Citation needed ]
However, the spontaneous utterance was not long provoked criticism or debate and no major effect on his career as a presenter . [ Citation needed ]

Calling genitals

Olga Syahputra reprimanded by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission ( KPI ) while being hosted Strikes ( RCTI ) on Friday , May 1, 2009 . [ 6 ] Olga are talkative , let slip uttered male genitalia [ 7 ] after watching the action Limbad , one a mentalist who later name rocketed through the impressions of The Master .
Alluding Five Minutes [edit | edit source ]
In the event Strikes on June 30, 2010 , Olga angered band Five Minutes for jokes overestimated. When it seemed demeaning name Olga Five Minutes Five Minutes felt so humiliated . [ 8 ] After that , Olga and Five Minutes a meeting and apologized Olga [ 9 ] over the offending joked .
Rude joke and its feminine style [edit | edit source ]
In addition , the indulgence Olga joke rant and kebanciannya style also caused controversy and under the spotlight of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission . [ 10 ]

Underestimate the rape victim

Olga joke on " Decade " in Trans TV also makes it reported to the IBC . Olga who plays the ghost replied , " trivial , in kentot minivan drivers " [ 11 ] when asked the cause of his death , when it is not in the script . This resulted in Olga reported to the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission by various parties . [ 12 ]
Doctors Febby slur on [edit | edit source ]
Olga joke on Pesbukers in quiz shows himself to be entangled to create legal channels , while Pesbukers event on May 23, 2013 , Olga Syahputra alleged to have committed contempt and harassment of doctors Febby moment aired live on the quiz . Febby doctor who felt offended by a joke that Olga Olga Syahputra complained to the police .
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